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A Lecture: Free human will and participation in public affairs (video)

On Thursday, December 24, 2020, Mr. Abdelfattah Morro presented the first episode of the series "The Legitimate Origin of Democracy and Human Rights", entitled "The Free Will of Man and Participation in Running Public Affairs".

During this session, which was conducted by journalist Salah El-Din Al-Jurshi, Mr. Abd Al-Fatah Muro spoke about the importance of freedom for the human being, and the responsibility for this freedom so that he can perform his best mission on earth. He explained that God gave the human being the freedom to choose all the issues in which he plays a role and that his responsibility arises from his free will.

Freedom is essential in Islam, he said, as human beings are free to choose, make decisions and conduct, and organize their own society and life. In fact, they are the decision-makers with divine guidance that provides the best way for them to be.

This freedom, linked with responsibility, is basically related to Imams and the Mosque and their role in maintaining public affairs through direct relationships with the people in the message that they perform with a religious dimension, and which is meant to nourish the spirit with tolerant Islamic values.

He pointed out that a person who believes in responsibility always tries to reform and change his position, while handing things over to the judiciary and power makes a person complete, thus denying responsibility for himself. He explained that faith in the judiciary and destiny must be a belief in the ability of a person to change,   not his ability to change, reform, and the management of his own affairs, and from a public point to the individual, family, and social duties.

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